Concerns over the environment and global warming have increased the need and demand for eco-friendly 'green' home designs and construction. However, in today's construction market alternative energy sources are still, more often than not, given a back seat in conventional urban design for one main reason - cost. Each homeowner has their own idea and limits as to how far they can go to help the environment. Most of us want to contribute to the health of the environment but usually end up choosing the less costly route, such as a home in a large scale development, which was designed to reduce costs in the short term but ultimately costs more in the long run to our environment, health and overall household operating costs.

Recently, a lot of effort is being made to encourage 'green' construction practices in both new commercial and residential construction. Everything down to the materials we use for our cabinets and the placement of our homes contributes to a more 'green' building. For the benefit of the environment and overall inhabitant health, it is important for us to consider alternative sources of energy and sustainable building designs.

The idea of sustainable building is simple - minimize the effects of wasteful energy use, resource depletion, and pollution through effective design and construction of energy efficient homes. Trace Tech Designs works with you to get the home you want within your budget and we design it to reduce your long term household operating costs. If sustainability is the key to the future, then planning and collaboration are the keys to successful building of a sustainable home.